Statements & Assumptions

 1.    Statement: "We need to appoint more teachers"-Principal infor ms the school staff.


 I.    Teachers are available.

 II.    Present teachers are not good.

 Ans: I

     Since the Principal speaks of recruiting more teachers, it is assumed that good number of teachers are available. So assum ption I is implicit. The Principal does not speak about the efficiency of the teachers in his school. So assumption II is not implicit.


 2.    Statement: In 2012, the govern ment has decided against reduction of prices of petroleum products, though there is a significant drop in the crude oil prices in the international market.


 I.    The present price of different petroleum products will help the government withstand any possible price rise in future.

 II. The prices of crude oil in the international market may again increase in the near future.

 Ans: None of these

     The first assumption seems to be cogent but it is not implicit from the given statement and the statement doesn't speak of dom estic and international price. So assumption II is also not implicit.


 3.    The question is based on the information given below and the sentences labeled (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E).

     The Central Government should act quickly to raise diesel rates to bring them in line with global prices in order to reduce its subsidy bill.

     (A) There is an imperative need to reduce the subsidies.

        (B) Global price of diesel is more than its domestic price.

     (C) Diesel at present is priced at   Rs 47.15 per litre.

     (D) Fiscal deficit needs to be reduced.

     (E) The need to adjust domestic price of diesel is linked with global prices of diesel.

     Which of the statements num- bered (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) has/have been assumed in the given information?

     1) Only D        

     2) Only A and D      

     3) Only A, B and E   

     4) Only D and E     5) Only C              

 Ans: 3

 As the statement mentions the reduction of subsidy, assumption (A) is implicit. As the statement high lights the need to increase the oil prices in line with global prices, assumptions (B) and (E) are also implicit.


 4.    The question is based on the information given below and the sentences labeled (A), (B), (C) and (D).

     Choosing right Marketing Advisor can make a huge diffe- rence to your overall marke- ting planning and goals.

     (A)    There have been examples

         where Marketing Advisors failed to create a positive impact for the company.

     (B)    Only Marketing Advisors can help one make different in overall market planning and  goals.

     (C) The fee charged by Mar- keting Advisors for their ser- vices is sometimes too much to afford.

     (D)    Good market planning and goals are desired by many companies.

 Which of the statements num bered (A), (B), (C) and (D) has/ have been assumed in the  given passage?

     1) Only A         

     2) Only B            

     3) Both A and C

     4) Both B and C       

     5) Only D                      

 Ans: 5

 As the statement highlights the need for choosing the right mar keting advisors, only assumption (D) is implicit.


 5.    Passage: In the 1960's an 1970's, electoral support for public education was strong on the agenda, mainly due to the result of certain trends in the United States population. For example, enrolments in primary and secondary schools reached their culmination in these years, when the public school students constituted one out of every four members of the United States population. Moreover, parents of children in public school and the employees of public school comprised approximately 40 per cent of the eligible voters in the

     United States.

 The author makes which of the following assumptions?

        1) During the 1960'sand 1970's the employees of public schools always voted in elections that had an impact on their schools.

     2)    In 1971 the education pro vided by public schools was on the whole superior to that provided by non-public schools.

     3) Enrolment in public schools increased between 1972 and 1974.

        4) During the 1960's and 1970's, parents of children in public schools tended to vote in support of public education programmes.

     5)    The number of students attending secondary schools in the United States remained constant in the 1960's and l970's.

 Ans: 4

     The statement speaks of the support for public education; only assumption (4) is implicit.


 6.    "Attend a free seminar on how to crack CAT examination."-An advertisement by an institute.

        Which of the following can be an assumption of the advertiser?

     1) There are other institutes which are also organising such seminars.

     2) These seminars are just a gimmick by the advertiser to attract students.

        3) There will be people who will respond to this kind of adver- tisement.

     4) The advertisements many a time turn out to be exag- gerated.

     5) None of these

 Ans: 3

        The motive of any advertisement is that some people will respond to it.    



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